Print and Prototyping

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China Website Prototype

Travel Agency Prototype - Photoshop website development. Orange is used in China to symbolize happiness and love.

Adobe Illustrator Advertising

An Adobe Illustrator print advertising prototype. Design for best showcasing of product and produce firm's logo.

Needlework Journal E-zine

Heritage Shoppe Journal of Needlework - an E-zine published quarterly in 2004 and 2005. Made for web and PDF.

Flash Website Prototype

An Adobe Flash website featuring various animation and illustration techniques.

Photoshop Media Prototype

Photoshop design challenge. Combining elements for a cohesive theme. Color theory and technique was emphasized.

Organization Branding

Organization branding: stationary, brochures, and business cards, all matching the site.

Photoshop Prototype

Photoshop prototype. Concentration in design, monochrome color scheme, perspective, and technique.

Flash Advertising Prototype

Flash advertising prototype. Concentration in cohesiveness in design, logo development, and technique.