Web Design and Development

Maryjane's Network

Snapshot of Maryjane's Network

Maryjane's Network: a social networking site for those interested in the medical marijuana cause. Site contains educational material, allows video uploads, chat, forums, and more.

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Easy Cove

Snapshot of Easy Cove

An international B2B construction polymer product firm. Made from WordPress to custom specs.

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Buzz Toot Social Media Site

Snapshot of Buzz Toot

This site was built for diversity of clientele and personalization of social media with unique identifiers. The site can accommodate forums, uploading of music and video, and individual groups of choice.

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Disc Dawgz Disc Golf Online Store

Snapshot of Disc Dawgz

An online store for disc golf products. Built with Drupal, it features catalogues that promote the products and incorporates a Twitter feed and PDGA feed for visitors wanting to keep up on the latest news.

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Stellar Community Management

Snapshot of Stellar CM

The owner wanted colors that matched their stationary and content that made it clear what their associations could gain with Stellar management services.

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Heritage Shoppe

Snapshot of Heritage Shoppe

Soft colors were used in this WordPress site, with a background suitable for showing off all types of embroidery. Site includes forum and photo gallery.

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Russell-Silver Support

Snapshot of Russell-Silver Support

Parents look for distinctive images to help with their diagnosis of this rare disorder. I incorporated children and created a logo showing global support.

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BKB Construction

Snapshot of BKB Construction

Full-service global construction company specializing in the paper and pulp industry. Soft grays were selected to highlight the company's logo and emphasize the construction business.

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Heartfelt Ceramics

Snapshot of Heartfelt Ceramics

Drupal e-commerce site for various ceramic gifts and collectibles. Logo development was included. Colors chosen to provide visual excitement.

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Mai Chi Apartments

Snapshot of Mai Chi Apartments

PHP prototype site celebrating Feng Shui apartment living. All information is input into and retrieved from a database.

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White Oak Restaurant

Snapshot of White Oak Restaurant

White Oak Restaurant. An Adobe Edge prototype illustrating animation without the pitfalls of Flash. Animation is compatible with all devices.

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